Instagram for Your Business

Instagram has become the new power source for getting people connected to your brand in a creative, and visual way. Whether your showing off your store’s amazing product, or the sunset view, Instagram gives you the opportunity to share in a creative experience with your consumers. Here are three pros of using Instagram for your business:

1. Build Your Brand
When consumers feel personally connected to your brand they are more likely to support your business and think of you first when purchasing. The mix between visual pictures and fun-loving photos show the dynamic side of your brand and make you personable.

2. Show Off Your Expertise
You know the ins and outs of your business better than anyone else! Show off the cool things you are doing every day that make you an industry leader. Get creative!

3. Use the Power of Hashtags (#): Hashtagging popular topics, events, items, etc. are an easy and effective way to connect to consumers who are looking for specific topics and trends, but be wary of overdoing it. Hashtag searchers want relevant content.

Make sure your pictures are visually appealing and creative. Try to take clear, vibrant shots, or pictures that tell a story. Instagram thrives on unique photos that your followers do not see everyday. Instagram is a way to reach out and have fun with your consumers while showing off a personal brand voice! Be creative!

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