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Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina JulieRose Hinson has been crafting and creating art from the earth since she was a child.  After graduating from SUNY Purchase with a double major in Anthropology and Media, Society and the Arts Julie went on to spend three years working as a Butcher in Brooklyn, New York.  It was here that she began to form a deeper understanding and appreciation for our connections to the earth and to ideas of sustainability and gender equality.  After returning to North Carolina in the winter of 2016 Julie moved to Seagrove, North Carolina to learn how to make pots with fifth generation potter Sid Luck.  It was in Seagrove that Julie for the first time fully embraced the role of an artist and fell in love with clay and the North Carolina pottery community.  While working with Sid Luck Julie mastered wheel throwing and wood firing techniques that she continued to develop during her six month residency at the North Carolina Pottery Center in early 2019.  Through playful representations of the female body and contrasting traditional forms, her work aims to inspire joy and form tangible lines of connections between diverse groups of women. Currently living and working back in her hometown of Durham, NC Julie rents studio space and teaches wheel throwing classes out of PS37, a multi use arts space located downtown. 

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Ceramic Water Bottle

Ceramic wood fired water bottle.


A wonderful wood fired ceramic water bottle made from North Carolina clay.  Incorporate sustainability into your every day life with this classy dishwasher safe bottle. The perfect size to throw in a bag and bring with you this sleep bottle keeps your liquids cold.