Plaid Skirts and Fashion Shows

nothing to wear phoebeThere are bound to be some other women out there (yes, I referred to myself as a woman eekkkk… maturity) who can relate to my almost daily struggle that is dressing myself.  Whether its “OMG this makes me look huge,” or “Why am I so pale? GAH” or “CROP TOPS ARE COMING BACK ARE YOU SERIOUS, AM I JUST NEVER SUPPOSED TO EVER EAT AGAIN?”…we beat ourselves up about how we look in clothes instead of having some fun, and taking the time to be inspired.
I blame most of my fashion problems on the fact that I was placed in Catholic school for the first 12 years of my life and I almost began to love…cherish…adore…that red and green plaid skirt. “Red and green
…as in, Christmas?” you may be asking yourself.  Yes.  Like Christmas every day.  We forever looked like a chorus group doing our rounds on Christmas Eve.  No one should love wearing these colors together on a daily basis.  No one.  But the convenience was utterly delightful.  And, even as I made the transition into public school I thought, “No one will notice if I wear this sweatshirt every, single, blimey day, right?”  Wrong.
Needless to say, I didn’t win the “Most Fashionable” superlative.  I have improved throughout my college years, but the desire to get out there and shop, and piece outfits together is forever trapped inside my Catholic school jumper.  So, what better way to bring that previously plaid-ridden fashionista out of her shell than attending a fashion show!
Peachy Keen’s Fall Fashion Show themed “Let the Chips Fall Where They May” should be a top notch night full of fashion (obviously), snacks and bottomless drinks.  Bottomless.  There will also be performances, including singer: Cole Roe.  Who, according to his Facebook page (hehe, stalker), wears pullover sweaters and flannel. NOMMY NOM.  Some of my favorite local sponsors are also taking part in the event like Shop Local Raleigh, The Cupcake Shoppe, and The Meat House (and I’m pretty sure I have the inside scoop on some great goodie bags).


So, get out of those pants you have worn 7 times without washing, and head down to Peachy Keen and Joint Venture Jewelry on October 8th at 6pm for what promises to be a great time!  Check out the Facebook Event here: