$20 on the 20th Discounts and Specials

Shop Local Raleigh - $20 on the 20th$20 ON THE 20TH MEANS BIG SAVINGS AND LOCAL REWARDS

$20 on the 20th, supported by Shop Local Raleigh is encouraging shoppers to take $20 and spend it with a local merchant rather than a big box chain. With over 700 members, Shop Local Raleigh is able to provide shoppers with a wide variety of locally owned independent businesses to choose from when deciding where to spend their money.

Make your shopping vision 20/20 and support your local merchants every month by simply spending $20 on the 20th!

Visit these Shop Local Raleigh Members on the 20th of every month and spend $20!!! These SLR members are offering extra special savings on the 20th of every month when you mention Shop Local Raleigh!

To add a $20 on the 20th deal to your business listing, simply edit your listing, find the new $20 on the 20th section, add your deal, and save changes. Click here to see how!