About GRMA

GRMA is an organization where your input counts. We focus on issues that matter to you, like business development, local government, market trends and new technologies. Collectively, we have a strong voice in how business gets done in the greater Raleigh area. Our programs include:

Shop Local Raleigh

Shop Local Raleigh is all about promoting and supporting locally-owned, independent businesses. It’s about making your hard-earned money go further, fueling the local economy, and helping to preserve the unique character of Raleigh.

Local Government

As decision making and tax burdens shift from Washington to state and local governments, the need for small businesses and retailers to have strong government representation is more important than ever GRMA serves as a liaison between local and state government, the Raleigh business community and the general public.


Developing strong professional relationships is one of the most important investments a small business owner can make. Through our referral networks, events and committees, the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association provides countless opportunities for business leaders to meet one another and grow their referral base.


GRMA membership gives you access to seminars and workshops on topics ranging from local economic trends to financial management tips to innovative ways to market your business.

Our History

In our 60+ years, GRMA has many achievements to our credit. Here are just a few:

If you’ve ever watched the Raleigh Christmas Parade – in person or on television – you’re one of the 250,000 people we reach each year through our most visible program. As the largest parade between Richmond and Atlanta and the largest single day event in Raleigh, the parade provides our members with unparalleled opportunities to promote their businesses.

Founded and operated by GRMA since 1987, Raleigh Crime Stoppers helps members of the community, the media, businesses and police work together to solve crimes.

Retail Review is our annual forum bringing together local merchants, businesses and government leaders to examine the impact of retail on the overall local economy.

GRMA is heavily involved in Raleigh City Council and Wake County Commission issues that impact small businesses, including negotiating the city’s sign ordinance and off-street parking regulations; advocating reasonable tax rates for the city, county and state; and working to reduce worthless checks, shoplifting and employee theft.

Shop Local Raleigh is funded by the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association (GRMA), serving Raleigh businesses for more than 60 years. GRMA promotes the growth and sustainability of local and independently owned businesses.

Membership benefits include:

  • Representation at the local and state government levels on issues affecting small businesses
  • Free educational seminars
  • Free social and networking opportunities
  • Inclusion in the GRMA membership directory online
  • Opportunity to support community initiatives like Raleigh Crime Stoppers
  • Discount on participation in Raleigh Christmas Parade with live coverage
  • Free membership in the Shop Local Raleigh movement


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