ABC Commission Public Hearing To Be Held January 16, 2019 & Updates

New rules proposed for adoption to NC ABC policy

The ABC Commission will hold a public hearing on January 16, 2019 at 10:00 am in the ABC Commission Hearing Room, 400 East Tryon Rd., Raleigh. On the table are proposed rules including regulations for nonprofit special event permitting, nonprofit raffle/action sales, and permittee sampling limitations.

Proposed Reissue Nonprofit Special Permits

With regards to nonprofit permitting, the rulemaking staff of the ABC Commission is in the process of drafting a permanent rule 14B NCAC 15B .0114 to implement changes made by the General Assembly this year in Section 5.(d) of HB 500 (S.L. 2018-100) which authorizes a limited special occasion permit or a special one-time permit to be issued to a nonprofit organization through a special abbreviated permitting process, if the same person representing the nonprofit organization requests a subsequent similar permit for the same location within 18 months of the initial permit. Click HERE to read the entire proposed rule.

Walker Reagan of the ABC Commission is asking for your feedback on this rule no later than November 7. Email him today at

Proposed Permanent Rule Filed: Nonprofit Raffle/Auction Alcohol Sales¹

This rule defines how the sales by a non profit organization of alcoholic beverages in the manufacturers original closed container as a prize for a raffle or sold by auction at a ticketed event are to be conducted and when the alcoholic beverages given to the person acquiring them from the nonprofit. This notice also requests a rule to limit who a nonprofit can sell alcoholic beverages to. Read more about the nonprofit raffle rule HERE.

Proposed Permanent Rule Filed-Permittee Sampling Limitation²

Finally, the one those in the alcohol production business, grocery and service industry have been waiting for.  This rule would allow for employees of permitted establishments to sample alcoholic beverages for purposes of sensory analysis and quality control or education. Furthermore, the rule would extend sampling allowance to the permittees’ retail premises, on the grounds of a special one time permittee, or at a special event where the permittee is participating under a special event tasting permit. To read in detail, click HERE.

Get Involved

Tasty Beverage

We encourage all breweries, distilleries, wineries, retailers and nonprofits to attend the public hearing on January 16 and speak out in how your business is governed. Rules allowing for more flexible nonprofit permitting and ability to ensure a retailer is purchasing and selling quality alcohol are much needed. For questions about the proposals or to express your opinion, contact Walker Reagan.