The Adult Language

The Adult Language

As is evident, my transition into adulthood…actually any transition I try to make even if it is just from being barefoot to putting on shoes… always proves to be some sort of clumsy journey. I can’t even tell you the last time I went to the gas pump, was able to get out of the car smoothly, remember my debit card, and not get drops of gasoline on my feet. But I digress.

Point is; I have been making a transition I feel will last years at this rate and, one of the biggest issues is the language of professionals. It is hard enough to keep all of my odd thoughts to myself in a professional conversation, and then they bring up words like “insurance,” “networking,” and “will you CC me on that?” WILL I…WHAT? Is that something inappropriate? What IS that? In my college brain, if someone stated, “Rob CC’d me” I can wholeheartedly tell you my thoughts were going straight towards the HBO realm. Now this is not a testament to, I’m so young you guys must be old farts. Far from it, in fact, I think “CC’ing” is such a foreign concept to me because as a college student, networking and making introductions was not a constant thought.

Appropriate? Inappropriate? Who's to say?
Appropriate? Inappropriate? Who’s to say?

This city, Raleigh of course, is so built for networking. I mean every time I meet someone, he or she comes with 10 names that I also must meet. It is really a testament to how connected professionals in the Triangle are, and their desire to keep this city growing. One introduction made by “CC’ing” someone (obviously in the real meaning of the word, not my college mind- text message thinking) can change the course of your business. There are so many networking powerhouses too like Shop Local who are determined to make those B2B connections and strengthen the local market. Dang, that was the most serious paragraph I think I have written since my essay about genetically engineered corn for a class senior year.  Now, enough frou-frou, keep networking, keep making those connections, and remember resources like Shop Local Raleigh to keep it in the Triangle.

P.S. I have been lucky enough to visit some really cool locations this past week so look forward to some blunders and some hopefully fun facts about local Raleigh establishments

 P.P.S. Over a thousand readers ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS? This is so cool and adult like you have no idea.