Because Adults Buy Stuff

I’ve never been one of those “retail therapy” people. Buying things in general caused me a decent amount of stress…well, unless it was food. I could drop a hefty 10 bucks faster on a piece of cake than on a shirt. I was a speed demon when it comes to tearing through racks; I maybe tried on 30% of the things in the actual store because all of that changing made me all sticky and grumpy. I only bought things on sale and generally return a lot of the things I buy because I would get severe buyer’s remorse.

However, when I got my first big girl paycheck, I had an epiphany: I HAVE MONEY! For the first time ever I am not digging for dimes in my seat cushions to buy some French fries. I AM RICH. (PostGrad “rich,” which means poor in case any real person was wondering). The days of putting $2.42 in my gas tank to get me to Harris Teeter and back are over! “I Believe I Can Fly” plays as my own personal symphony in my head every time I decide I am going to go buy stuff.

Then, I sit in Suzie, the blue swagger wagon, and reality slaps me square in the face. Point is, I at least appreciate the art of retail therapy, or actually being able to buy the things I need for once, like toilet paper. (I apologize to my sorority for taking the massive rolls of toilet paper from the house every other month throughout my entire college career… and for anyone I subjected to using that sandpaper for your…stuff.).

So, who was the perfect resource for exploring for new found love for buying things…I Heart Retail! by Lisa Jeffries.  Lisa is fascinating by the way if you haven’t had the chance to meet her. She knows everything about everything and still manages to be fun. She’s just really good at being an adult. This apparently is a really hard thing for me. Props to you, Lisa!
The opposite of how I feel about guacamole, but it made me lawl, sooo..
The opposite of how I feel about guacamole, but it made me lawl, sooo..

Anyway, we ate at locally owned Cantina 18 in Cameron Village, where I developed a food baby made of chips and guacamole. I am a sucker for guacamole as it is, but this was like green nectar that angels delicately poured into my mouth. I attacked it. Like, omg so good. Then, Ms. Hottie Jeffries showed me the locally owned treasures in Cameron Village… that for some reason I have been too blind to notice they existed before.

Kannon’s Clothing (for the husband I need but am not even close to finding), Scout and Molly’s (for when you want to look more put together than everyone else), The Art of Style (for when you want to school everyone in Raleigh with your city slicker vibe), Charlotte’s(for when you need to find that perfect present), and Bailey’s (who OMG will clean your jewelry right there in front of you and make it look like you didn’t spill beer all over it for the past four years and never cleaned it).

We also visited what Lisa has deemed her favorite shoe repair shop, which means a lot coming from this shoe guru, H&H Shoe Repair. That’s when she said the most adult-y adult, classy lady quote: “A girl’s guide to shopping consists of two things: a good tailor and good shoe repair.”
drop it
The real reason my plants split. Darn you, Zinda.

Considering I have only been to a tailor to patch up my favorite jeans which I split open getting into a cab after Zinda did me in, I have a lot to learn from the Queen of Retail. And, maybe I should spend more than $20 on shoes so they are actually worth repairing when I trip over stuff. Lisa writes articles regularly on IHeartRetail.comand loves helping establish retail locations in Raleigh, so get after her shopaholics!


Sidenote: Buying a car has got to be the worst experience of my post grad life and I just want to be like this girl: WHY. AM. I. AN. ADULT. NOW.