The Board Meeting Lunch Debacle

My first grad crisis arrived on my second day of working professionally. Now, let’s keep in mind that my lazy behind had never stayed awake for 8 continuous hours since high school. That’s four years of naps, snoozes, siestas, what have you as a permanent staple in my day. So this whole awake-until-actual-bedtime thing was beyond me. And, to be honest, I still don’t understand how people do it so successfully. So, as I am already grappling with my nap-deprived body, I am given my first “adult” task: ordering lunch for a 16-person board meeting.

First of all..what the heck is a board meeting? Here I am sitting there with only references from Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men..and I’m pretty sure my Shop Local Raleigh board is not looking like Dr. Yummy Avery. My mind went straight to a room full of District Attorneys who I had upset with one speeding violation or another and were all exceptionally picky eaters. The hot flashes started rolling in, until I read the Tobacco Road menu for the Downtown Raleigh location and saw the light…the sweet potato chip covered light. They had options for everyone: the salad lover, the BBQ eater, and the people that are sophisticated enough to eat a Tomato & Avocado sandwich.


I ordered an array of food that I personally thought was very adult sounding (this is where I am imagining a thousand light shoulder pats from post-grad angels). Alex Amra of Tobacco Road was phenomenal. This guy had my back like no other by including a bag of condiments, forks, and napkins without me even having to ask. Maybe he could hear my juvenile panicking, or it was those post grad angels swooping in because those salad eaters would have been scooping with their fingers if I didn’t have such good service. He was so nice and laid back, it made my first professional lunch-ordering so pleasant. And, the food was awesome. I crunched on those sweet potato chips (after smothering them in a cinnamon sauce obviously whipped up by a higher cinnamon-wielding power) throughout the entire board meeting (which, in case you were wondering, wasn’t scary either).

Definitely check out Tobacco Road off of Glenwood South, downtown Raleigh. If you need specific directions hit up your girl because I have the landmarks like the little tree, that place that’s purple, and that smushed shrubbery memorized to ensure an easy trip. Tobacco Road goes gaga for fresh, local ingredients and clearly has top notch service. Perfect example of local Raleigh eateries kicking butt, and taking names.