Brewgaloo Band Biographies – 2023

Brewgaloo 2023 is almost here! Here is what you need to know for the soundtrack of the weekend…

Erik Hawks

Born and raised in North Carolina, Erik Hawks has always had a deep love for country music. Influenced by such artists as Vince Gill, Jason Isbell, and Chris Stapleton, he hangs his hat on writing deep, emotional songs that strive to be both personal and relatable. “I find it easiest to write about things either I’ve personally experienced or that my friends and family have experienced,” he says. “For me, that’s where the rubber meets the road.”

Erik has released two singles — “Notebooks” and “Tracing Your Tattoos — which are available on all streaming platforms. He has also opened for artists such as Matt Stell, Elvie Shane, and Scotty McCreery.

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DUCK is a funky, soulful, bluesy band out of Raleigh. After forming in 2016, Duck began booking gigs at venues around North Carolina, making crowds boogie to their upbeat sound. Opening for talent like Neal Francis and Daniel Donato, the band has solidified a loyal fanbase throughout the state. Currently, on tour promoting their most recent EP, MOVES, Brewgaloo is thrilled to have them perform. 

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Adam Lee Decker

This Grammy Considered, former America’s Got Talent and American Idol Finalist has been the Resident/Playoff National Anthem Singer for the Carolina Hurricanes since the 2016-2017 Season. The Adam Lee Decker Trio featuring Oren Bailey & Dom Bisbee has been delighting audiences up and down the east coast for a decade. They look forward to their debut at Brewgaloo! 

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adam lee decker

The Dapper Conspiracy

Emanating a “smooth-as-silk approach to Southern Rock” (J. Lawrence, INDY), The Dapper Conspiracy is a dauntless five-piece bluegrass band with bite. They have been featured on 88.1 WKNC and performed at the 2018 NC State Fair Homegrown Festival and the 2019 NC Assoc of Agricultural Fairs State Convention. Eerie gothic vibes and high-energy alt-rock influences round out their tight but rowdy appeal. Guaranteed to please.

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Trash Van Fever

Hailing from Pittsboro, NC, Trash van Fever is making sonic punk-grass happen. They are hard playin’ players who play ditties about odd truths, hard times, and even harder people. If you got dancing on your mind, and want some fresh, fast, high-energy tunes, Trash van Fever is your new best friend.

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Arson Daily

Raleigh-based Arson Daily has made a conscious effort to grow beyond its traditionally raw, garage-rock predispositions by experimenting with new methods of songwriting. Featuring sonic qualities comparable to indie, surf-western, and Nashville garage rock, Arson Daily is sure to wow the Brewgaloo crowd.

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Crucial Fiya

Crucial Fiya uses its Reggae roots to produce a multi-faceted band that has the capability of performing for the most serious reggae music lover. Their blend  R&B and classic rock for those in need of a good time. All of this spun with a Caribbean flavor.  

Crucial Fiya’s great sound, vibe, and interaction with the audience ensure that all who attend will have a good time. And may get to sing with the band!

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Say Less the Band

This pop-rock/soul trio is made up of three North Carolina natives, Jon Wall, Brennan Clark, and Carl Jenkins. Their charismatic and energetic performance style has quickly gained popularity since their debut in 2021 and solidified them as a notable name within the Triangle music scene. Say Less has performed at various breweries and events across the state from Raleigh’s First Friday to their upcoming residency at Tin Roof Raleigh. Their 3-part harmonies paired with an eclectic mix of original and cover songs set this group apart. 

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AirCrash Detectives

AirCrash Detectives are a Raleigh-based 4-piece indie band who have been compared to a mixture of The Clash, Rascal Flats, and Coldplay. Steve Nieve from Elvis Costello and The Imposters has been a frequent guest on their studio albums, and has even been known to show up for the odd live show. Fans love the diversity of the music and the edgy themes that color the landscape.

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Mellow Swells

Mellow Swells is a band from the Triangle that blasts funk, rock, and intense improvisation to its listeners. Their influences range from traditional music to modern funk/pop. Expect to get beef blasted by some low-end bass, sweaty by some deep grooves, and slapped by soulful vocals and soaring riffs.

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Mega Colossus

This five-piece hails from Raleigh. Though customarily referred to as a traditional metal band (a term they accept gladly), the band’s broad appreciation for various forms of music finds confluence in a style that may not be as easily defined. The music reflects a love for the adventurous and fantastic with harmonization in the vein of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, and Queen. Live shows balance proficiency with energy, abandon, and interaction with the audience. 

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Sometimes we all want to be somewhere else. Life is a journey, and when you’re unsure of the destination, you simply say, “I’m going over yonder.” This philosophy guides the music of jAndr, a family of musicians and artists from central and Eastern North Carolina. jAndr_music is the brainchild of bassist Matt Grady and keyboardist Santel Reid. The Indy/Soul band has performed at some of the hottest festivals in NC including Shakori Hills and We the Roses. They have also collaborated with artists such as Aarik Duncan of NiiTO, Donnie Deneil from Duck, and the internationally known MC Tanajah.

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DJ KWARD is a big-time music lover that believes happiness is when the electronic, tropical, soulful, and jazzy all blend together. Preferably near a beach:) Currently, you can him and his mixing at a few venues in Raleigh, NC including Annexe, Boxyard RTP, Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh (CAM), Cortez, Five Star, Junction West and William & Company/La Veladora.

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