D.I.G Raleigh Challenge

D.I.G. and Core invites you to join a community-wide DIG Challenge to help get Raleigh ranked in the top 10 of the most Fit and Healthy Cities in America! They want to inspire businesses to work together to educate, motivate and provide opportunity for an environment where physical, mental and social health can thrive. D.I.G. encourages Raleighites to learn and explore some of the health and fitness resources available to them in their community. To keep things fun and engaging, businesses even provide incentives and other rewards and prizes for mini challenge winners!

The D.I.G. Raleigh Challenge is a 6-week challenge, beginning September 10, 2016, that encourages community collaboration offering a focused local experience in the Raleigh community.

The D.I.G. Challenge promotes health beyond just nutrition and fitness by highlighting local and community businesses and helping participants blaze a trail towards personal well-being while at the same time give back by generating charitable contributions towards children’s health and recreation programs.

D.I.G. are a dedicated team of fitness trainers, wellness professionals, healthy food and drink purveyors, and healthy lifestyle advocates. They understand when a community is healthier as a whole, the healthier the people and the businesses within it. They’re hoping even more neighborhood [or area] businesses will join in promoting the notion that the health of the residents of Raleigh is impacted by community dynamics.



• Businesses that ROCK and offer great services and products that promote looking good and feeling good and having fun doing it. (health and fitness related retailers, healthy food and drink purveyors, clothing stores, outdoor adventure and lifestyle shops, massage therapists, acupuncturists or anything fun and feel good…)



• Become a Sponsor (be a vendor at the Health Fair (August 27th), support the mission, get recognition, and help educate challengers through the wellness workshop series)

• Become a Perks Partner (offer discounts and prizes to challengers to increase traffic at your place of business and help them become aware of the resources available)



• 36 class opportunities (passes to 7 gyms, customized workouts, outdoor group workouts on the North Hills Midtown lawn, yoga classes, and fit camp)

• Informative and fun wellness workshops

• Discount card to use at participating retailers (Perk Partners)

• Mini challenges that incorporate the patronage and use of products and services of our sponsors and partners

• Earn prizes through mini challenges, social media posts, and check-ins



When you sign up as a DIG challenger or become a DIG sponsor, you are also helping to support the Boys and Girls Club Sports, Fitness and Recreation Program designed to help youth:

• Develop fitness

• Develop a positive use of leisure time

• Reduce stress

• Appreciate the environment

• Develop social and interpersonal skills

• Engage in positive behaviors


Look good, feel good and do good! What more could you want?!!


According to The American Fitness Index, Raleigh is ranked 15 in the top 20 Healthiest Cities. The AFI report, which is put out by the American College of Sports Medicine, takes into account factors including residents’ mental health, diet, mortality rate, and more. It also looks at the resources available to locals, like walking trails, rec centers, and farmer’s markets. Raleigh gets high marks for setting aside a high percentage of city land as parkland: 17% of municipal land is devoted to parks compared with the national average of 10.6%. Let’s work together to get Raleigh into the Top 10!