How to Grow Your Business Seminar

You are invited to attend a FREE workshop for Small Business jointly sponsored by SCORE and Shop Local Raleigh.  The workshop is entitled How to Grow Your Business and it is scheduled for March 25 at Zinda New Asian Restaurant in Raleigh.  Please register now and save your seat.  


There is limited capacity for this event.  We recommend that you register now.  



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Workshop Description


Many businesses have succeeded by finding a product or service that fills a market niche.  After a few successful years, the business may stagnate or, worse, start top-shrink.  This workshop is designed to help small business understand their current status vis-a-vis market demands, competition and their capabilities so that they can build and execute a growth strategy.




Speaker Bio


Harvey Smalheiser is a financial executive who spent his career in senior management positions with Fortune 500 companies and international CPA firms focused on corporate taxation, strategy, M&A and financial management.  He also served on the Board of Directors of numerous small to medium-sized not-for- profit enterprises lending his business experience to assist these organizations in getting started and in growing.  He has also worked with numerous startups.  Harvey is a CPA (NJ) and a member of the Bar (NY).   He has been a resident of the Raleigh area since 2010 and a SCORE volunteer since early 2012.