Hallowww…wait? What do I do?

One of life’s most difficult transitions is upon me. There has got to be novels written about how to cope with the emotional turbulence of college-to-adulthood transitions. And have entire chapters dedicated to this one, confusing, terrifying shift…. I’m talking about Halloween.

What is a PostGrad to do on this night that used to be full of glitter and glee?? Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year. I would pick out some adorable costume that would undoubtedly leave me freezing to death while walking on the Hillsborough Hike, but I didn’t care because I was sparkly and cute and MAN do I look good in fake eyelashes! But now, I’m like…what is that word? Practical. I want to be warm, comfy, still adorable, but ultimately warm. What is happening to me??

So, choosing a costume has been a struggle but thanks to the Junior League Shopping Spree (which had wayyyyy more locals than I thought- so proud!) I am warm, snuggly, and still going to wear fake eyelashes. So what to do on this PostGrad Halloween weekend? WELLLLLL I am going on the Hike anyway because I was only fortunate enough to be 21 for one year in college and I deserve it. Hitting up my favorite locally owned spots: Chile Bomba (margzzzzzzzz), The Alley, Mitch’s Tavern, East Village Grill, The Keg, and whatever else strikes my fancy is a must.

I was also able to score two VIP tickets to Guy Fawkes Night, which I have not been to yet, but based on the look of the tickets and those enticing words: “complimentary food, beer, and wine,” I know it will be FABULOUS. Wait, hold the phone… just googled Guy Fawkes Raleigh and there are fire performers! FIRE PERFORMERS?!? I. Am. Pumped. November 2nd, from 5pm-11pm, at The Oxford, downtown Raleigh, be there, or be square. And just because I’m in VIP doesn’t mean I can’t hang out with you. The event is free to attend… yes, FREE. You only pay if you eat, drink or drink.

guy fawkes
Who will be staring at this while eating free food?? ME.

There are a ton of other Halloween-themed weekend events in Raleigh, like Coglin’s themed parties every night, Halloween Safe Night at The North Carolina Museum of History (if you want free candy), and basically everywhere else I will be checking out too because I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY… even if I am just alone in my bed eating a Pumpkin Spice Muffin wearing my bear costume.

More than anything though, I need advice on how adults do Halloween. Even if that includes just making it an extension of college- tell me! I need to know where my life is headed! Happy Halloween, locals!