Local SEO – Tech Tuesday Presentation

Local SEO Tech Tuesday – August 21, 2018

Jonathan Kamin of Preferred Digital Solutions hosted our August Tech Tuesday workshop and delivered a wealth of information on Local SEO. He spoke on keywords, business listings, website content & structure and reviews & social engagement. The content below is a summary of the presentation. For the full presentation, click HERE.

Why Local SEO?

Businesses on page 2 of Google might as well not exist.
Google presents its top 3 local options in the “Snack Pack” and 10 other organic results.
You want and need to appear on the first page for those target keywords.

Keyword Research

Determine what you’re currently ranking for and identify any opportunities you might be missing. Put together a list of high volume local target keywords. Sites to use for keyword research include:

Want to know what your competition uses? Check out builtwith.com.

Business Listing

Make sure your business information is the EXACT same on every page. For example, if you use “Boylan Ave” in your address, then be sure every listing you have online says “Boylan Ave.” Not Boylan Avenue or Boylan.

Double check your social platforms and directories like yelp, google maps, etc. You’ll also need to check to see if your correct business info is listed on the main data aggregators.


Reviews pack a ton of clout in both the local ranking and reputation building arenas. Search engines regard them as an authentic measure of a local business’s popularity. Be sure you are keeping a watch on customer reviews and provide appropriate responses to negative and positive reviews.

Onsite Structure

Includes keyword placement review, image optimization, and schema markup. Review keyword placement on each page. Be sure images are optimized and not slowing down your page loading time. Check your schema markup in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. You’ll be
able to check to see if all the correct info about your business has been included.

Preferred Digital Solutions offers a 7 day trial and website review at no cost. To take advantage of this complimentary snapshot report, click HERE.

Contact Jonathan today for more information on how to make sure your local customers can find you!


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