So, I promised myself when I graduated that I would aim to travel as much as possible now that I have the possibility to save funds, instead of praying that someone dropped a quarter outside of the vending machines. If you have been keeping up with me (which you better have because this ball of sunshine is all you need to make it through the week), you know I went to Disney world and stared at giraffes and drank like six pomegranate beers in “Germany;” but more recently I took another…  Traveling to the great, white north. And no, sillies, I don’t mean Canada. I mean North Hills.

youthsSure, fine, it’s like one more exit outside of my normal traveling realm in Raleigh, but it has always felt like another world. The world of the elite, the rich, the OMG why are there so many middle schoolers here unattended?  Youths. But, this summer after participating in a couple of stints at Beach Music Festival in North Hills, this world opened up….a lot (and, yes, I am referring to the scenes I witnessed at Beach Music Festival which btw I am obsessed with mainly because I can walk everywhere with beer in my hand).


NH Collage

I did have one massive revelation while I was there. Why has North Hills always felt out of my reach? Maybe because it is filled to the brim with gifts on gifts on gifts and I never bought my friends (or family…sorry, mom) anything in college.  I mean…like gifts for everyone.  So many oodles of gifts. We’ve got Charlotte’s for the monogrammed, upscale presents. Lamb’s Ear for the baby presents.High Line for the hot boyfriend presents. (Take note of this, boys, I am an amazing present-buyer.) Midtown Olive Press, where you get to taste every flavor of your presents, while simultaneously eating 60 pieces of bread! Whalebone Urban Surf for your 14 year-old nephew, when you are pretending like you know what the skater trends are but really you are still saying things like “That’s chill.” And then,  duh,  all of the restaurants for you to take me to. Or, buy other people dinner at….whichever you choose to do.

all the food

After you are exhausted from your afternoon of being charitable and buying everyone else presents and only, like, seven, for yourself, you get to eat at any one of their amazing restaurants. At Coquette you get to say “Le Hamburger” out loud followed by speaking in French accents for the entire, delicious meal. Sparians is available for upscale bowling while grubbing and if you have tons of friends a private league just for you. Q-Shack for the quick-service feel of solid, southern food, love those hush puppies. Mura for that sushi kick. And, how could I leave out Cowfish? The rumors are true, postgrads. This place is absolutely delicious. And they call you names like Swim Kardashian. Life does not get much better than that.

There you have some of the thrills of North Hills. I highly suggest spending some time here, checking out the locally-owned spots (you can do it…walk away from Chick-fil-a… WALK AWAY). Feel free to take me with you, as I am a mildly entertaining tour guide, and I like walking around and feeling important.

P.S. GOING TO THE FAIR THIS WEEKEND!!!! It’s my favorite time of year ahhhhhh. Food… milking cows… not at once. I will be documenting my experience early next week so you lucky ducks will get two posts from me.  What? Yes, two. In one week. You are welcome. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! And don’t forget… just because the fair is it town, it doesn’t mean you can spend all that heard earned moolah in one place! Be sure to check out all the local hot spots at North Hills, Seaboard Station, Downtown, North Raleigh… well, you get the idea… just support our local friends as we don’t want them to feel left out this next week and a half (maybe bring them a deep-fried snickerdoodle).