12 new bills signed into law 6-25-15

Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday announced he signed 12 bills into law:
• S.B. 7 — Known as the “biscuit bill,” it allows convenience stores to have tables and chairs for customers, which had been prohibited from providing seating. It also authorizes pushcarts to prepare and serve food at venues such as ballparks.
• S.B. 716 — Directs the Utilities Commission to make expedited decisions under certain circumstances involving building natural gas generating facilities. Modifies the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014.
• S.B. 621 — Authorizes the DMV to send vehicle registration renewal notifications electronically.
• S.B. 488 — Amends family and child support law to make payments and collections more efficient.
• H.B. 812 — Makes information on grant fund awards by state agencies readily available on their websites.
• H.B. 86 — Requires DOT to pay certain costs of relocating water and sewer lines owned by school boards.
• H.B. 339 — Authorizes the Fonta Flora Loop Trail in Burke County be added to the state parks system.
• S.B. 301 — Exempts DOT from having to obtain approval from the Council of State when buying contaminated property.
• S.B. 596 — Clarifies state law regarding enforcing foreign judgments.
• S.B. 682 — Limits the use of contingent-based contracts for audits or assessments.
• H.B. 154 — Authorizes local government to enroll employees in the State Health Plan.
• S.B. 212 — Allows retired law enforcement officers who complete handgun qualifications for active officers to obtain concealed handgun permits.

Author: pixallus2