Moving, Comet, and Head Rubs.

I think this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: MOVING SUCKS. What sucks even worse? Trying to be all cool and independent (aka cheap) and moving by yourself. Despite having my, apparently sometimes useful but still hideous swagger wagon, Suzie, moving apartments has taken me over half a tank of gas and a full dose of my sanity.
unibrow 1 Sure, I only moved my stuff from one end of Hillsborough Street to the other, but it felt like I was dragging my family across the Oregon Trail and my son, Charlie, was sick again and the Ox had a sprained ankle. On top of having my stuff absolutely everywhere and having bruises all over because I am apparently not that strong, I couldn’t find any of my makeup products… including my tweezers… which, if you know me, are a serious daily need. Serious. Like, I had one eyebrow for a few days, serious.  And I couldn’t find my other makeup to distract from the squirming caterpillar emerging from my forehead. So, granted, I was in a really bad mood, when I got some nice news.
Sweet T Salon wanted me to come in and write a review about their business and get a Deep Conditioning Treatment aka ENTRANCING HEAD MASSAGE. Nancy Nguyen of Sweet T salon is such a bubbly nugget of joy, with an extensive business background and knowledge about way too many things for this eyebrow disaster to remember. She not only gave me the only soothing experience I had that week, but a lot of awesome insight into hair care and Sweet T’s business philosophy.
This salon is one of those places where you come to chat, relax, and get an awesome haircut. There’s no status to uphold here, the prices are affordable, the environment is casual. Kids grow up coming here and people like me just keep getting older and can share my full-fledged panic. It’s about having a caring, customer atmosphere and being there for all of the events in a customer’s life. Also, free tea! And, I love free things. Nancy also hooked me up with some ah-mah-zing smelling hair stuff that fixes that awful dreadlock thing I get if I thrash in my sleep- which happens a lot. Omg, I just had a revelation. No wonder Comet never wanted to sleep with me…how upsetting.
Anyway, it was a quality break from my moving probs. My hair felt awesome and looked super good… although maybe it was trying extra hard to make up for my eyebrows.
P.S. To all companies that rent U-Haul’s… do not, I repeat do NOT, give some scared little girl the upgrade to the biggest truck you have when all she wanted was the 14’ one. I almost killed myself, some cows, a dude’s mailbox, and every one of the tires.
P.P.S. That was not a women-can’t-drive joke. I personally can’t drive because I have no depth perception and have needed glasses for two years but am too cheap and a post grad.  Have sympathy on me someone and give me some glasses… please.