Boutique Blowout 2015 – Initial Decor

Initial Decor

What drives someone to become an entrepreneur? Is it a desire to be your own boss? Maybe it’s a passion for a product or a service. For Michelle Stokes, founder or Initial Decor, it was a family tradition. Michelle came from a family of entrepreneurs, starting with her parents RV shade company Magne Shade. After she graduated college where she studied graphic design, she worked for her parent’s company for a few years but finally caught the entrepreneurship bug after the birth of her daughter in 2012, and decided to go off on her own and created Initial Decor.Initial decor 1

Using her knowledge of graphic design and laser C & C machines, she teamed up with her mother Clare to create intensely customizable lines of monogrammed products. Using this relatively new technology, laser engraving allowed her to create a superior product in both wood and acrylic engraving. The traditional method of engraving monograms utilizes a mechanical bit to do the engraving which can leave some of the edges rough and uneven. The beauty of the laser engraving system is the ability to create basically any design with perfectly defined edges.

Initial Decor has variety of products that feature customized monograms, including their most popular monogrammed clutch or their original wall hanger. They also have countless pieces of jewelry that you can customize to fit your unique look and style. One of their most recent products is their prepared vinyl blank that can be customized later by other boutiques or individuals. The blanks come in over 25 different colors and make it possible for boutiques to create customized designs on premade blanks that are ready the same day they are ordered.  Shop Local Raleigh is thrilled to have them at this year’s Boutique Blowout on Friday, July 17th from 5-9pm.


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