Boutique Blowout 2015 – Porch Fly Clothing

Porch Fly Clothing

Shop Local Raleigh got a chance to sit down with the founders of Porch fly clothing, Josh Gruder and Bryant Szabo, to discuss where they’ve been and where they’re going with Boutique Blowout coming up in just a few weeks. Both of these entrepreneurs started off in the corporate world, with Josh working for the Pentagon and Bryant working in finance, and they grew Porch Fly 2tired of drudging on with passionless work as part of a large organization. Seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the entrepreneurial environment in Raleigh, Josh and Bryant decided to follow their true passion, and that was making t-shirts.

The idea was actually first brought up hanging out on the porch and drinking bourbon. That southern porch lifestyle of comfort and relaxation is what they wanted to infuse into their t-shirts. Porch Fly clothing is meant to embody work hard, relax well lifestyle shared by so many people within the city of oaks. Their shirt, Hustle Hard as Oak, is a perfect example of that. “Raleigh is unique because there are so many small business owners, mom and pop shops, that are not just surviving but thriving in the Raleigh area. These people work extremely hard to make their businesses successful, but they do it because it’s what they are truly passionate about” according to Josh.

They have expanded their operations to cover more than just t-shirts, and now have koozies and Raleigh drinking team pint glasses. You can check out their new designs on July 17th at the third-annual Boutique Blowout presented by Shop Local Raleigh!

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