Content Marketing: Annoying Buzzwords You Should Know

Content Marketing: Annoying Buzzwords You Should Know

Those silly marketers. They’re always calling themselves “gurus” and spouting phrases like “social media integration,” “reputation management” and “content marketing.” Why do I care?

Yeah, we know. All of these “buzz words” are important in their own right but that last one is actually a term you’ll want to know, because it’s the new way to get your name out there. That, of course, means more business and more bucks.

So here it is for you, broken down in simple terms with no fuss: Content marketing is information, or content, in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, webinars and more. In essence, it’s reaching out to your customers with information they want in the places they’re going to look. Why not make it easy for them? Spoon feed it to them when they ask for it.

Sounds easy, right? Sure, but here’s the catch: This information needs to have value and relevance to be successful. You want your readers to see you as a trusted resource, eventually leading to more business.

The key here is creating information that people WANT to engage with, not some stale old press release or some uninteresting piece of company self-promotion. To figure out whether it fits, ask yourself: do YOU find useful or interesting?

So, wait, why do I care?
Content marketing is increasingly important when it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization. In the past, companies churned out a bunch of poorly written articles, blogs and press releases just to get to the first page of Google. Today, Google’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated, and Google is placing even more emphasis on quality content. Besides, you want your customers to read your stuff and hire you, right?

So whether your business has two employees or 2,000, a marketing company with a writer needs to be part of your team.

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