Council Directs Staff to Promote Shop Local Raleigh

The “Shop Local Raleigh” initiative received a boost from the Raleigh City Council today. Council directed the City of Raleigh Public Affairs Department and the City Economic Development and Purchasing divisions to develop a communications plan to promote the buy-local initiative.

Council also directed the Purchasing and Economic Development divisions to devise a strategy to educate local businesses on the process used to do business with the City, and to make the process clearer and easier to complete.

Each City support effort will present a progress report to Council within the next 90 days.

Shop Local Raleigh encourages patronage of locally owned businesses, where more of a purchase dollar stays in the local community. Shop Local Raleigh is funded by the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association (GRMA). The GRMA promotes the growth and sustainability of local and independently owned businesses. For general information and the top 10 reasons for shopping locally, visit Shop Local Raleigh. Information about Shop Local Raleigh is also being shown on the Raleigh Television Network.