Even Cupid Has an App!

Is Your Phone Your Valentine?


Last month we mentioned the growth of mobile websites. Along with that, the growth of apps has been off the charts. Most businesses hear talk of “apps” and say “WHAT would we need that for? We don’t want to waste money on some stupid branded version of angry buzzards!”

Sure, many businesses will never need an app, but there are some compelling reasons to consider one:

  • An app gives your business much more presence on a phone than a bookmark or forcing the user to launch their browser and find your URL.
  • An app is always there, front and center on a user’s mobile desktop. Your business is constantly in mind, whether the person is using the app or not.
  • Apps can be designed to do anything. Want to allow your customers to instantly view your calendar of events or push special pricing notifications to your customers? Or allow potential customers to view your products or browse your catalog? Then an app is an excellent idea.

Still, before we consider an app for our clients, we sit down and carefully go over the business case for it. If your app doesn’t deliver a unique or helpful experience, you are better off devoting your resources to a top-notch mobile website. 

Either way, a free consult with us is a great way to determine how you are going to reach smartphone users like us in 2013. 


Some apps we can’t stop talking about:

  • Logo Quiz  – For fun in your free time
  • Keynote  – Save, share and display presentations
  • Flipboard – “Flip” through your favorite news
  • Akinator – Fun version of 20 Questions
  • Mozy Backup – Cloud-based storage to keep your data

Your Turn: Show us your apps!
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 All About Apps


Prefer to watch instead of read? In this video, Oliver explains the world of mobile apps.

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