Don’t Be a Mummy in the Media

Don't Be a Mummy in the Media

Don’t Be a Mummy in the Media 

Did you know that social media is the No. 1 daily activity among all Americans, topping both Google and Email? While this statistic may not come as much of a surprise to some, did you also know that now, about 42% of adults online are now using multiple social networking sites?


This does not just mean that these online users are adding more friends, followers, and likes across their online world, but it it also means a larger margin for marketing. For small businesses, this can be as scary as the mask you are planning to wear this Halloween.


Larger pools of marketing means that you are either A) Capitalizing on each social media site and promoting your products and services or B) Missing a large number of your target customers.


Living in this fast-paced, Mark Zuckerberg world, businesses, large and small, must now compete in both the conference room and chat rooms, in the local newspaper and Newsfeeds, and through printed proposals as well as wall posts.


But, social media doesn’t have to be scary. Your business can trump all of those ghosts and goblins disguised as tweets and wall posts. Occupying and optimizing your social media presence, while difficult, can be done by your business in three, simple steps.


Step 1: Make A Plan… And Stick To It

This step is crucial. Create a feasible and practical plan, whether this is weekly or monthly, for you and your team to stick to. Also, make sure to include clear dates and times in order to keep you and your business accountable.


Step 2: Treat Each Medium As Its Own

There is a reason that there is not one, overarching social media site. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. were all created in order to share a different type of content to a different type of audience. Determine who your audience is among all of your social platforms and then decide what kind of content you are going to publish and where.


Step 3: Keep Your A$$ Alive! 

OK, so your company has all of the popular media platforms and you have even created a plan to execute, so what? Are you actually engaging your audience? Set aside time everyday to track your audience – find out what people are talking about and talk back!


October is not just the month that your office should indulge cheap, sugary candy, but it is a time to face any and all of your social media fears. Don’t let the cobwebs that adorn your office doors for Halloween also take control of your social media marketing.

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