Embracing Joy: Meet The Raleigh Fairy

Raleigh Fairy

When you meet “Sunny the Fun Fairy” also known as “The Raleigh Fairy,” you quickly feel a warm and kind light shine all around you. She radiates joy and inspires all of us to let our inner child shine. Inspired by her beloved father and persevering in her challenges, Shani Seidel created the radiant “Raleigh Fairy,” to fulfill her mission of “Sprinkling Seeds of Perpetual Joy” in the lives of both children and adults alike. 

Sunny in the sunflowers

Born in Virginia, Shani made her way to Raleigh and became a proud “Angel” at Meredith College. Graduating with a degree in Speech Communications, she returned to Northern Virginia. After several years of marriage, life threw a curveball and she became a single parent shortly after her son’s first birthday. Those years of love, sweat, and tears taught her how incredibly strong she was and how powerful her impact could be. This is when the seed of Sunny began to sprout.

One of the most profound influences in Shani’s life was her father and his happy and jolly character, “Recycle the Clown.” His late venture into clowning at the age of 50 serves as an inspiration for her journey. Recalling the joy he brought others and the love he shared throughout Richmond, VA continues to fuel her mission. Through Sunny, she wishes to leave a legacy like her father and believes her faith and the Lord’s guidance place her where she can share Sunny’s joy and love with others.

After her son went to college, Shani wanted a fresh start. She felt a pull back to Raleigh, leading her to create and embrace this new enchanting experience. Today, Sunny’s mission statement, “Sprinkling Seeds of Perpetual Joy,” is not just a catchy phrase; it is Shani’s way of life. Her decision to create and embody “The Raleigh Fairy” was not merely to develop a character, but to embody her passion of joy, playfulness, and creativity.

The Raleigh Fairy
Shani's voice brightened, “He truly loved all people. It didn’t matter the color of your skin, if you were tall, short, curvy, or straight, he loved everyone. He taught me how to love everyone and my mom taught me how to love God. I’ve been so blessed.”

As Sunny flies, the journey is not all a breeze. “It takes guts to wear wings.” expressed Shani. “People don’t always understand my passion and I am okay with that.” She takes pride in her resilience and authentically whether or not she is wearing her wings. Shani also expressed how proud she is of her personal growth. “As an extrovert, I love people. It’s been an insightful and wonderful journey to arrive at a this peaceful place where I love my own company. Day in and day out Shani shows up as herself, striving to empower others to do so as well.

Sunny shines her passion in three main areas. She offers enchanting and empowering experiences for women, magical moments and memories for children, and she delights in sharing her joy as a Raleigh Community Ambassador. Her determination to make a positive impact like her father keeps her soaring. “Some people need a real champion and to be reminded how special they are.” She has a true heart for the special needs community, recognizing that everyone needs a cheerleader. Sunny’s goal is to be that cheerleader for women, families, and all man-kind.

“Some people need a real champion and to be reminded how special they are."

“Be courageous, be brave, and stay forever young. Our life is a choice. Every single day we are offered an opportunity for a fresh start to live while we’re alive!

When asked for advice from others, she quickly expressed lyrics from one of her favorite songs, “Be courageous, be brave, and stay forever young. Our life is a choice. Every single day we are offered an opportunity for a fresh start to live while we’re alive!” She also encourages others to find joy in the journey because incredible things rarely happen overnight. With her mission, Sunny inspires others to pursue their passions, dreams, and interests, no matter their age or ability.

As she flies into 2024, Sunny’s goal as “The Raleigh Fairy” is to Sprinkle Seeds of Perpetual Joy throughout the City of Oaks. She strives to stay as dependable and loyal as the sun because while life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, she can be. Here’s to the magical journey of Sunny the Fun Fairy, spreading joy and leaving a legacy of love, passion, and purpose.

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