Escazú Chocolates Celebrates 10 Years with Brand Redesign

Escazu Chocolates 10

On March 24, 2018, Escazú Chocolates will celebrate ten years of producing and selling small batch bean to bar chocolate and confections in Raleigh, NC. To commemorate a decade of business, they will host a local vendor market, food trucks and, as in years past, their store will transform into an ice cream sundae bar featuring their housemade ice creams and toppings. At the event on March 24, they will also reveal their brand redesign.

Escazú Chocolates New Branding & Logo

“As owners we are very happy to share this new image with our customers, it represents the evolution of our hard work and the expertise we’ve acquired with ten years of craft chocolate making, we feel that it brings the packaging to the same level as our chocolate,” explains Danielle Centeno, co-founder and chocolatier.

While Escazú’s new image is more modern, the logo remains simple. Clean lines, organized text, and an approachable design on each bar allows them to communicate their vision in a succinct and accessible way.

The element of color for which their old labels were known remains, but with new minimalism in the form of hand-painted brushstrokes, inspired by their chocolate confections. These color strokes create fluidity between Escazú’s principle creations; their chocolate bars and their confections. But they also maintain the organic and slightly rustic element the previous labels had. Their new image is modern and clean, yet it remains warm and inviting; true to what the brand is and always has been- small batch, and handcrafted with soul.

About Escazú Chocolates

Escazú Chocolates is a small batch, bean to bar chocolate maker in Raleigh, NC. Since 2008, they have produced chocolate using antique equipment and traditional methods from beans they source from small Latin American farms and co-ops. With their culinary background, they approach chocolate as they would prepare food for family; with integrity and respect for the quality of the natural ingredients.