“Hot Mini” donut name game at Sola Coffee!

Sola Coffee

Over the next few weeks, we are going to slowly roll out our new artisan “Hot Mini” Donut Menu. These little guys need some fun, memorable names to build up their confidence; names that will provoke passion and influence, names that will move them from the bench to stardom in the next big game, names that will cause the customer to fixate on that next Hot Mini experience.

Hot Mini Donut Name Game

Help us pick a name and win a $25 gift card! The New flavors are chocolate sandwich, cocoa, vanilla, sea salt, sugar and the other is orange, vanilla and sugar! Come in, try them, and submit your Hot Mini name! #solahotminis #solalove #donuts #hotminidonuts
Here’s how it works. We send two players into the game each week. You taste them, get creative and name the “Hot Mini”. Sola will pick the top three names and then ask everyone to vote. If your name wins you receive a $25 Sola Gift Card. Additionally, one voter from each group randomly receives a $10 Gift Card.