Meet the Owner: Dazzle & Lace’s Robin Foster

Meet the Owner

Welcome to our inaugural blog of Meet the Owner! Shop Local Raleigh is committed to telling the story of Wake County’s locally-owned, independent businesses. We take pride in the character these businesses bring to our community and local economy. When shopping at a locally-owned business, you are more than likely interacting with the owner! We started this blog to help you get to know these local business owners, in our community, better.

Our first Q&A was with Robin Foster, owner of Dazzle and Lace. Dazzle and Lace is a one stop shopping spree for themed party supplies…
birthdays, holidays and all Celebrations! Robin also creates custom gift baskets to order. Here is what she had to say about starting her own business, what she loves about Wake County and some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs!

robin-20150228_134033What motivated/inspired you to open a business?

I started my business many years ago when I was transitioning from a stay at home mom back into the working world. By running my own business I was able to have the flexibility of my job fitting into our lives without taking away from the importance of my family. As the children grew my business also grew to where it is now, a full time commitment.

I have always enjoyed being creative so I started my business by making custom party favors for special occasions. With each inquiry as to whether I could do something more (such as gift baskets, party decorations, flamingo flocking, etc.) I would consider it and introduce it into my business if it was a good match.


What makes owning a business in Wake County special?

This area is such a great place to own a small business in. We have great customers and a lot of support from organizations such as Shop Local Raleigh.

I have enjoyed visiting the different businesses for various networking occasions. In doing so I get to try new menus, shop for North Carolina products and get very valuable one on one service. Some of the businesses that have provided us with great service are The Paystub People, Elizabeth Berry CPA, Batchnet and so many more, too many to list!


How long have you lived in the Triangle?

I am originally from New Jersey and attended school in Rochester, NY. After four years in New York, I decided to move south.

My family has now lived in the Triangle for over thirty years! It’s hard to believe we’ve been here that long. We started out in Cary and are now in Raleigh. We think it is such a great place to live.


What are you passionate about outside of your business?

My family means the world to me. They will always take priority. And now that we have a granddaughter it makes family all the more special!


What advice would you give to a new business owner?

Take one step at a time in starting a new business. It is very important to stay focused on what your goal