Meet the Owner: All Dogs Allowed’s Meagan Ashley Thomas

Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner: All Dogs Allowed’s Meagan Ashley Thomas

Welcome to Meet the Owner! Shop Local Raleigh is committed to telling the story of Wake County’s locally-owned, independent businesses. We take pride in the character these businesses bring to our community and local economy. When shopping at a locally-owned business, you are more than likely interacting with the owner! We started this blog series to help you get to know the local business owners in our community.

This time we caught up with Meagan Thomas, owner of All Dogs Allowed.  All Dogs Allowed trains dogs to follow the command of their owners. Using proven techniques, they teach owners to understand how to apply these techniques and why it is effective. Here is what Meagan had to say about working with dogs, why she likes Wake County’s pet culture and some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


ada luke puppy 350x350What motivated/inspired you to open a business?

There was a need for a dog training facility that offered effective, practical, affordable and fun dog training for families and their dogs.
What is your businesses concept?

I have worked with dogs all over the United States, owned and homeless. We are a dog training and behavior center who focuses on reward-based training methods that work. They are easy to implement in busy owners day-to-day lives. My boss was retiring so I decided to take over the business.

What makes owning a business in Wake County special?

For a dog-related business, Wake County is amazing. The Triangle area is home to many proactive rescues, animal welfare social media accounts, and leaders in the canine world. We have The Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Landfill Dogs, The Positive Pit Bull, The SPCA of Wake County, Dr. Brian Hare, Family Paws, and many more!
What are some of your favorite local businesses to support (besides yours)?

Anything Pet related like Serenity Pet Massage and Unleashed – The Dog and Cat Store!
What advice would you give to a new business owner?

Just take that leap! Don’t wait until you have everything figured out or you’ll never do it! Learn as you go and make it work!

How long have you lived in the Triangle?

Almost 3 years.
Where are you from?

Maine, but I’ve also lived in Alabama, Georgia, Utah, and North Carolina.
What are you passionate about outside of your business?

I like playing video games, learning a second (and third) language, tattoos, piercings and knowing a little too much about The Lord of the Rings (I’m a huge geek!).


To learn more about All Dogs Allowed, click here.