Meet the Owner: Shaun Jay, Magician

Meet the Owner

Welcome to our blog Meet the Owner! Shop Local Raleigh is committed to telling the story of Wake County’s locally-owned, independent businesses. We take pride in the character these businesses bring to our community and local economy. When shopping at a locally-owned business, you are more than likely interacting with the owner! We started this blog to help you get to know the local business owners in our community better.

This time we interviewed Shaun Jay, owner and magician of Shaun Jay Magic! Shaun has lived in the Triangle for 16 years. For the past 13 years, Shaun has performed magic for people of all ages and backgrounds. From corporate events to birthday parties to the occasional street performance, Shaun has over 3500 shows worth of experience. Here is what Shaun had to say about starting his own business, what he loves about Wake County and some advice for you aspiring entrepreneurs!

Meet the owner Shaun Jay MAgicWhat motivated/inspired you to open a business?

After realizing that I had a talent for magic and being told by many others, I decided, with much support from my mother, to start this business!

What “sparked” the idea for your concept?

Usually the only form of entertainment at private parties is the alcohol, so I transform boring parties into exciting experiences! Currently, what I’m focusing on is helping corporate employees realize that they are more creative than they think. I do this through my inspirational, entertaining and motivational talk given at annual conventions.

I realized that I had to provide audiences with more than just simple entertainment. The speaking helps me transcend that and give audiences something much more valuable. If I can change the way my audience thinks, I can perhaps change their career and life for the better!

What makes owning a business in Wake County special?

Wake County is great because there is less traffic than a larger market. The people here are also very easy to work with and Wake County is seeing an increasing number of millennials moving to the area.

What are some of your favorite local businesses to support (besides yours)?

I really enjoy getting out to the North Hills Farmer’s Market! It’s a great way to support many local farmers at once. I also enjoy getting out to the Crabtree Valley Mall.

Shaun Jay street actionWhat advice would you give to a new business owner?

Be absolutely, 100% certain, that the business you start involves something that you are extremely passionate about. It’s the passion that will drive the productivity and ultimately the success of your new business.

What are you passionate about outside of your business?

I enjoy many activities and hobbies like art, drumming, health food, listening to jazz, being in nature and visiting the beach.


If you are interested in contacting Shaun Jay for your entertainment needs, visit his website here!