Meet the Owner – RDU the One

Meet the Owner - RDU the One

Meet the owner of RDU the One

Meet the Owner of RDU the One, Jess Riccio. Previously working for other businesses in accounting, Jess wanted to pivot and challenge herself while striving to help others find love in the Raleigh community.

Meet the Owner - RDU the One

Finding a Niche

Jess wasn’t born in Raleigh, but she has found a great love for the city and all it has to offer. Growing up in Connecticut, Jess then attended Lynchburg College in Virginia to attain her B.A in accounting. She worked in accounting at a Big 4 firm in Florida, but with her family getting ready to move to Raleigh, Jess decided to get a head start and move to Raleigh as well.

The inception of RDU the One arose out of a common complaint of Raleigh people complaining about the common dating apps. She heard the voices of the people in her community and wanted to contribute to something that her community needed.

Three main problems people face on dating apps are not having the best options, lack of seriousness and commitment, and the commonality of ghosting. RDU the One provides a space for Raleigh locals to look for serious relationships and love.

Standing Out 

RDU the One doesn’t treat the users as just numbers or profiles on an app, they are dedicated to each person, helping them find their soulmate by getting to know them, their preferences and values, and even go beyond by planning dates.

Additionally, RDU the One hosts their events to help singles mingle and meet potential matches. Whatever your preference is, they are there to help you find a match in the Raleigh area. 

Jess shared with us that the most challenging part of starting a business is pulling off the band-aid and just starting the business. She learned that there is always an excuse not to do something but the most important thing is to commit and make things happen!

Collaborating can also be a useful tool. Jess kicked off her business at Brewgaloo, which helped build her database and get more exposure. Now, Jess is well on her journey to helping individuals around the area meet new people and potential love interests.

Pushing Through

Professionally, Jess is most proud of her work ethic and progression. This allowed her to work at some great companies, but most importantly it helped blossom a new business for Jess, which has opened many doors for her.

 Opening her businesses has shown her that she is a fighter. She opened up to us that many people doubted her business before opening it, which just added fuel to the fire, and gave her a reason to work even harder to make the business successful. She also learned that doing something outside of your comfort zone is uncomfortable at first, but ultimately becomes exciting, as you get to see your vision come to life, which is what has happened for Jess with RDU the One.

RDU the One is “a fun and easy way to meet someone face-to-face.” 

Outside of work, Jess enjoys working out and scheduling out her week. She loves a list and makes sure to plan out her week ahead of time. She makes sure to plan her workouts and downtime in between her day job and markets/events. Going to Carolina Hurricanes games is something Jess also loves doing, especially when she is surrounded by friends and family. Her favorite part of Raleigh is the food scene! “There are many talented chefs and I feel like every month there is a new place opening!”

If you or someone you know is looking for a serious relationship, RDU the One might be the right match for you.