Meet the Owners of Rustic Phoenix

Meet the owners of Rustic Phoenix

Join me in a warm welcome to the new business owners of Rustic Phoenix, Frank and Elizabeth Carbone! These two wanted to invite you into their next adventure, an idea inspired by one of their favorite television shows, Schitt’s Creek. This high-end gift store features locally created home decor and unique gifts to fit any need.

rustic phoenic
Before we get into the store itself, let us get to know the owners of this rustic shop in Zebulon.

Frank Carbone is one of those northerners everyone around here talks about but his passion for music, culture, and small business separates him from the pack. While juggling starting his own business, he can be caught moonlighting as a DJ in the wedding industry or helping other small businesses better market themselves. Elizabeth on the other hand has been in the Raleigh area since the age of six. She works as a vet tech nearby when she is not busy working at the store.  

Work and Life Balance

While Frank and Elizabeth balance work and life differently, Frank commented that his hobbies have become his work and while it can be overwhelming at times, it makes the workday hardly work at all. He loves the entrepreneur lifestyle commenting, “We are living the American Dream! I wouldn’t trade running my own business for the world.”

“We are living the American Dream! I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

Family First

Both owners have worked in various jobs. This has shown them that their favorite part of being a business owner is the creative freedom. Frank and Elizabeth both heavily value family. Through the early loss of their fathers, they quickly learned not to take anything for granted and to be intentional with their actions. Elizabeth spoke about her mother, “She always told me to jump in with both feet first.” She reiterated her mother’s message, “Even though things can be hard, keep working, face it head on, and always do your best. With this, whatever you dream you can do.” Both echoed the positive effect their strong mothers have had in their lives. 

“Whatever you can dream, you can do.”

Real talk…

These twin flames have been through it commenting that some of the hardest parts of owning your own business are balancing your time, creating brand awareness, and differentiating your business from the rest. With so much invested in this, it can be nerve-wracking. Frank commented, “It’s not always great, especially on slow days. But even so, these two owners have learned they are more capable than they ever realized. They are incredibly proud of what they have built together from the ashes of the Covid-19 economy. Together, Rustic Phoenix was created with no loans and has a growing consumer base.

rustic phooenix
rustic phoenix

Rustic Phoenix has taught Elizabeth and Frank many life lessons. Their advice to new or interested business owners is to do your research, be unique, and think through absolutely everything. They warn new owners that it will be hard but to just keep pushing through and you will make your business shine. Lastly, they remind us to shop small, and shop local!

About Rustic Phoenix

Rustic Phoenix is a high-end gift shop with a rustic farmhouse vibe. They work with creators to sell home decor, candy, plants, local finds, and unique gifts. Their partners have logos, and retail-ready packaging and are vested in their small businesses. Most of their inventory is made exclusively for the shop and can’t be found anywhere else. The inventory always rotates so you see something new each time you come! Their male collection and special holiday items are on their way in so be sure to join the email list so you know when they arrive! Rustic Phoenix wants to help spread the word on the importance of shopping small and shopping local.