Metro’s Other Woman offers Personal Assistant and Business Services

Metro’s Other Woman offers Personal Assistant and Business Services

Finding your are getting more work than you have time for, but not wanting to limit growth, you continue to say yes to taking on more? We understand you! We want to be the best.  We want to work hard, be the best we can be at home, the best we can in our business, the best friend, the best co-worker, the best boss, the best parent, the best this and that and then all the sudden you are drowning! Being the best is hard!

Finally we are admitting we can’t be the best at everything unless we hire some people to help us.  The first step is accepting we need help! Sometimes during the growth of our business, we need extra help but we don’t need someone full-time and maybe we can’t afford a full-time person.  That’s why we are so glad to have found Metro’s Other Woman!

Metro’s Other Woman has a portfolio with virtual assistants, office organization, social media marketing, in office help, taxes, general organization, errand running and more.  During our busy event planning season, sometimes we just need help with a runner.  Someone to go pick up the posters from the print shop, go pick up the items needed for the sponsor bags, stuff the sponsor bags, take the deposit to the supplier… it’s always something and those little things that add up to big things and the things we always seem to never have enough time to get it all done.

Metro’s Other Woman has reasonable hourly minimum’s too when using their team for your projects.

Hourly minimums are as follows:

  • Virtual – 1 hour+
  • Onsite – 3 hours +
  • Combo of onsite and virtual, if needed – 3 hours +

Convinced but worried about how much it will cost, can you afford it, is there any commitment?  No commitment and here are the special prices to help get you stared. At a nice flat rate per hour, and no requirement for you to include workman’s comp, payroll taxes, and everything else associated with employees, Metro’s Other Woman has priced their associate rate at a very affordable and competitive rate.

New Clients – Entrepreneurs & Business Services Only:

  • Jr. Level – $22/hr (discounted from $25/hr)
  • Sr. Level – $32/hr (discounted from $35/hr

Go ahead, give it a try! There’s only one way to be the best at everything and we want you to be at your best.  Let them know Shop Local Raleigh sent you! You get $10 just to try them!

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