MoveZen Property Management

MoveZen Property Management started in 2008 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Over the years they have expanded to open four more offices in North Carolina. This company revolves around a culture of passion for their brand. They are aggressive, energetic, and flexible in this changing landscape. They take large deposits, have the best tenant quality in the business, and still they rent their homes significantly faster. With over 10 years in the housing industry, this team is not only established but thrived during the worst housing recession in recent history. They are one of the first management companies in our current managing areas to invest in 3D Home-Scanning technology, built for million-dollar estates.

MoveZen Property Management thrives on a love for the current technology revolution. Their creativity through teamwork really shines when they help each of their customers needs. This company is driven to give the best customer service by being original. The team also focuses their best efforts on donating to charities.

MoveZen Property ManagementThe MoveZen Property Management team’s mission is to “treat every property as if it were our own, and dominate the best competition nationally with our results. Where we lack resources, we’ll substitute ingenuity, flexibility, and aggressiveness. We’ll never make excuses. We’ll value mistakes over complacency. Open-mindedness is a requirement. We will offer as low cost of a solution as possible without sacrificing results. Our clients’ success will define our success. Passion will drive client success.”

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