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It’s NoshUp time! That’s right, Tuesday, February 24 from 6-8pm, is the next Nosh Up with Aroma Indian and Indo Chinese Cuisine.

$5 at the door gives you access to a tasty mix of signature samplers.

In the meantime, we’ve cooked up our Ethnosh signature story sampler, featuring beautiful images from food photographer & blogger Stacey Sprenz. Check out the full serving on Facebook and enjoy the taste below. See you tomorrow, Tuesday, February 24!

  • What: Ethnosh
  • When: February 24, 6-8pm
  • Where: Aroma Indian and Indo Chinese Cuisine
  • Cost: $5

Aroma Indian and Indo Chinese Cuisine

Connecting the dots in global food history can be a complicated task. The history of one cuisine is often entangled with that of another. Indian food is one such example. It is more than one spice, one preparation, or one dish. After all, looking at American food, one could say the same. The food of the south often bares little resemblance to the dishes found in, say…Minnesota. So why do we tend to reduce a cuisine or culture to such a narrow definition? Each region of India places its own fingerprint on the cuisine at large. When we think of the Indian continent, though, we may not realize the complex cuisines that were created by the movement of people and the mixing of cultures. Sometimes, we need a restaurant to do that for us.

10988476 685377768240018 3455738928008179988 nGamer Rawat, owner of Aroma Indian and Indo Chinese Cuisine, shows us that the mixing of cuisines isn’t just about fusion. It is all about history, immigration, and the combining of cultures. Gamer started his culinary journey over 27 years ago as a chef in India. His specialty is Indo Chinese dishes. He originally immigrated to the United States and settled in Manhattan where he worked at Tamarind, a restaurant in the borough. In 2005, he came to Cary, North Carolina and began work at Saffron and what is now Raaga in Chapel Hill. He continued to share is culinary skills as he moved on to Mandra in downtown Raleigh. With the opening of Aroma three months ago, Gamer sought to introduce Indo Chinese cuisine to the Triangle. He wanted to have authentic Indian food on the menu that people could identify with as well as the Indo Chinese dishes that he loved and had mastered. Sharing culture through food is Gamer’s mission. The fusion of culture and food can be seen on his menu in the form of Vegetable Manchurian and the Aroma Hakka Noodles. Gamer explains that Hakka is a style of cooking that includes Thai flavors. He notes that the Manchurian, Hakka, and Indo Chinese cuisines come from the immigration of Chinese people into India. With their migration, they brought soy-based sauces, red chilies, and garlic. Gamer notes that although Singapore, Thailand, and India all have dishes called “curries,” the Singapore and Thai versions are based in coconut milk. Indian varieties include spices like cumin, cinnamon, and coriander with a tomato base. Ginger, garlic, and cilantro—used in all of these cultures—are a reminder that these foods are definitely connected even though they taste different.10985566 685377848240010 7216988275156700297 n


It is Gamer’s hope that customers will experience how the individual cultures have come together to create something new. The ingredients may be similar, but the flavors and the preparations are distinctly different. He plans to continue sharing authentic Indian dishes and Indo Chinese cuisine throughout the Triangle as he looks to franchise Aroma in the future.

10636124 685377864906675 4804035127443326051 nThe menu at Aroma is immense. There is literally something for everyone—those who like Chinese dishes, those who crave Thai noodles, those who want Indian spices, and those who want a fusion of it all. It is a global feast! Are you ready for the journey? No plane ticket required.






Aroma Indian and Indo Chinese Cuisine

160 NE Maynard Rd.

609 Tucker St

Cary, NC 27513


Ethnosh will be a traveling series with one event every month at a different locally owned, independent and ethnically owned restaurant! If you’re interested in being a food blogger for one of these events or recommending a location for this Ethnosh event, contact Stacey Sprenz or Jennifer Martin today!

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