Organic…In The Bedroom

Hehe. I’m in 8th grade.


When I was asked to visit The Organic Bedroom and learn a bit more about their top-of-the-line latex mattresses, I have to say I was a little nervous. My maturity level has not quite reached the point where I can look at a mattress brand called “Pure LatexBliss” and not bust out laughing. I mean, they can’t be serious, right? I just keep envisioning the poor employee on their customer service line that repeats the phrase “Thank you for calling Pure LatexBliss, how may I help you?” 60 times a day. And as a consumer how do you resist asking, “Does it come in different sizes?” or “Flavors?” Okay, okay I’m done now.

Anyway, so despite almost dying on Glenwood Avenue four times, I made it to The Organic Bedroom: Home of the luxury latex mattresses that I was, at first, skeptical of. I headed into the showroom and immediately spotted my maturity nemesis: Pure LatexBliss. I could not wait to try this mattress out and just started rolling around on this baby. HOLY MATTRESS. This thing was like laying on a cloud that hugs you and rocks you to sleep. A cloud that serves you hot chocolate while massaging your feet. AN AWESOME COMFORT CLOUD.

To be honest with you, I am a pretty cut and dry person. I don’t need a lot of frou frou to sell me on something. If it tastes good, feels good, or smells good, I will like it for the most part. So, I know there are a lot of benefits to the long-lasting latex mattresses at The Organic Bedroom. You are making a real investment in a 20 year product, and Vicki the Mattress Queen has all of your answers. Do I remember a lot of those answers? Maybe not. But do I know they are worth trying out and getting a high quality product with oodles of benefits? Yes.

shop+localAlso, the locally owned business, is very passionate about keeping things in the community and offering a local side to mattresses. Vicki and her family are competing with the big box stores of Glenwood and striving to be the better, local option across the street. Mattress buying is a big deal, people. I know my mattress, Edith, is my biffle and I am probably overly attached to her. So, do some research. Make an investment. And check out The Organic Bedroom off of Glenwood Ave.

As always, P.S. I got a free travel pillow from there and it’s g-u-d-e, GUDE.