The PostGrad Birthday

childhood+overYay me, I just had my first PostGrad birthday! Unfortunately, despite now being able to sing Taylor Swift’s “22” with pride, this birthday was much more daunting than my last one. Flashback one year ago, I would still be crawling around my apartment searching for bread and water like a prisoner in a pirate movie. I didn’t see the sun for about three days after my 21st birthday. Permanent maker had sunk so deep into my pores that showering was not enough to get it off…I think I broke my bladder…and, every time I got a Facebook notification my stomach would drop to my knees for fear of anymore 21st-birthday-me pictures coming to light.

This year? Nothing like that. Nothing. I had two ciders at dinner and thought I was going to fall asleep before cake. BEFORE THE CAKE. Do you know how much I love cake? My friends were still awesome to me, and despite not being all together in a massive party bus (aka an out of service bus that had no backseats, so we all just went flying every time the driver made a turn) I did have a nice birthday, mostly because of my awesome first experience at some local places downtown.

I had heard that The Pit was the place to go for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, ane that-boy-just-dumped-you-and-calories-don’t-matter days. Since I had never been before (*cough* where’s my husband? *cough*), I decided that making the ultimate transition into PostGrad life by turning one year older, was the perfect time to stuff my face with BBQ. While waiting for a table, we decided to check out Crank Arm Brewery across the street.
crank+armWalking in, the atmosphere was much cooler than I am. For some reason my brain didn’t connect their logo with bicycles for about 20 minutes because she, my brain, decides to be completely slow about 50% of the time. So, looking at the bicycle parts on the wall and the whole garage-type atmosphere I was just thinking, “These people are so much cooler than me and probably shop at Urban Outfitters and find cool things at the flea market and have traffic lights as a headboard.”
Turns out, I’m a freaktard and everything was nice and relaxed and actually about bicycles/rickshaws which is pretty cool. I still cannot with the craft beer. I just can’t. But my friends enjoyed them, and two sips of the Lonerider Sweet Josie, that Crank Arm also carries, gave me a nice little fuzziness as we walked back to The Pit.
First off, we had one of the best waiters I have ever had. He had glorious ginger hair… like glorious… and was so personable and attentive. We got our big basket of free biscuits and hushpuppies right away- which, holy carbs, were awesome- and he answered every question and made my birthday just really nice. I ordered pulled pork… the northern way, sorry guys. With mac n’ cheese and sweet potato fries and literally it was one of the best meals of my life. I just… I…. I can’t concentrate now.
gingerIn honor of our amazing waiter…
ginger2Because you can’t make just one ginger joke…
LOLOLOLOLOL if you don’t get this, I’m sorry, but I have tears down my face
You know when your mom bakes brownies or something when you are a kid? And the whole day at school you are just dreaming about the brownies? Imagining their chocolate-y goodness being shoved into your mouth the second you burst into the door. Playing through the scenario in your head the whole bus ride home. That’s how I feel about my Pit leftovers right now. Such. A. Good. Time.He also brought our table two different slices of cake, at my birthday queen’s request. TWO. That means TWO free things. Plus all the biscuits so THREE FREE THINGS. He could just marry me right now.

So now that I am 22, I finally feel what it means to live life and live it local! Here’s to becoming a Locavore and a true Raleigh foodie.