The Rockford’s Sign Is In Danger

The Rockford Sign

rockford front

As you know, GRMA and Shop Local Raleigh have been a strong advocate for small businesses regarding the proposed changes on indoor signage and various other matters related to signage. 

For many of you, The Rockford on Glenwood South, is a staple in our community and has given you many good meals and good times.  Well, The Rockford is having to fight to keep their sign (or we like to call it: artwork).
The Rockford’s unique upstairs restaurant location makes it hard for people to find their business. The Rockford, looking at having to close it’s doors for good, decided to do something drastic, something unheard of, something that the people would love- they had a local artist come and create a work of art on the building that was representative of the space.  And that design was simply, the name, The Rockford.
Most of us love this work of art, the City of Raleigh’s Board of Adjustment, sees it as nothing more than a sign– a sign that needs to be permanently removed. 
The Rockford has asked for our help in supporting their small business and helping all locally owned and independent businesses to have a voice, a large voice to make a statement that this city loves it’s creative class.  So, The Rockford and GRMA/SLR are asking you to band together, help The Rockford fight to keep their sign and sign your name to show your support in this fight. 
Will you stand with the 1,000+ who have already signed the petition and add your name saying “Please City of Raleigh- allow The Rockford to keep their sign.”