Shop Local Raleigh Influencer Marketing Programs

Are you familiar with the term “Influencer?” An influencer can be your #1 marketing tool and the advantage over your competitor. Shop Local Raleigh is often seen as an “influencer.” Simply being a member of SLR you are reaping the benefits.

Due to the fact that much of the way businesses marketing and social media is seen- if you aren’t targeting influencers for your business– you may be missing out on invaluable marketing opportunities.

We’ve been busy connecting with influencers from all over the Triangle to identify influencers in food, drinks, shopping, retail, small business, Raleigh, local, cooking, drinking, tasting- you name it!

SLR is adding to its lineup of benefits for all members- that we are organizing influencer events at no additional cost to you. We believe in the power of this marketing and hope that this will be an added value for you and your business.

The “event” can be something where people are invited to special events of yours, maybe they receive free tickets to an event, maybe it’s a small gift card to try something, a small plates tasting, special discounts, the opportunities are endless– we can help you come up with what will work best for your business and brand to help you achieve your goals.

Email today if you are interested in putting together something around influencers to help market your brand in ways you may not have thought of and didn’t know you could afford!

Let us help you grow your business today.