Shop Local Raleigh Local Highlight Blog

Shop Local Raleigh is dedicated to telling the stories of locally-owned, independent businesses in Wake County. It is our mission to promote, support and advocate for the locals to the community and the its leaders. 

It is well known that local business owners are more involved in our community, whether it is sourcing products or charitable works for the community, local businesses have a greater impact within the community compared to out of town chains. According to the Civic Economic Study on Wake County 2012, locally owned, independent businesses recirculate 51.1% of their revenues back into the local economy compared to the 13.6% recirculation by chains. 

In an effort to continue our mission and inform the community of the local options in Wake County, Shop Local Raleigh is launching a new blog that will tell you the story of our local, independent businesses.

If you are a local business, we want to hear your story! Please complete this form to have your story told to our community.