This sounds much more ominous than intended...
This sounds much more ominous than intended…

I am going to try to keep my stereotypical girl reaction in check but OMG FALL IZ HERE! ARE YOU SERIOUS I AM SO EXCITED #LEGGINGS #SWEATERS #BOOTS #BEINGPALEANDNOONEJUDGES.

 So, fall is here. Finally the weather has felt a little crisper, and we are closer and closer to me not having to shave my legs. WEEEEEEEEE. I’m never getting a boyfriend. ANDDDDD good television comes back! Get ready for more television show references than you can handle because all I do is watch TV and wither away into a worthless human. Anyway, I talked about one of my favorite fall activities in “Stop, Collaborate, and Tailgate” last week, but there are just so many fall faves to participate in here in Raleigh, why not just mention some more?

First, make sure you own plenty of leggings and big sweaters and boots because 1. It is the comfiest outfit ever and 2. In case you want to Instagram photos of you doing a cool fall activity. I would suggest Kristen’s Shoe BoutiqueFrillGigi’s, and Adore for your sweater/boot needs. Great Outdoor Provision is also a locally owned store to find your Patagonias and other nature-y/practical brands. And if you are a boy reading this, and your manhood is slowly shriveling, no worries, they have great stuff for you too. Although you are welcome to wear leggings and boots as well. No judgment.

fall3Next, with the pumpkin revolution coming this way, you have to pick out your favorite fall brew, so you can get your buzz on while running through corn mazes or picking squash (trying to be hipster and make squash happen, but it’s probably not going to happen. Fetch.). Aviator Brewing has a pumpkin brew that people always talk about (PumpkinBeast? I think). I have yet to let this concoction into my face, but I’m sure once I do it will be glorious. Natty Greene’s & Gizmo Brew Works also have some great seasonal beer offerings. Or you could up the classy ante and go to The Raleigh Wine ShopSeaboard Wine or Taylor’s Wine Shop and load up on the grape goodness. Two bottles in and that corn maze will be exceptionally fun.

Now, for some activities. Fall just lights me up like a hero walking away from an explosion. I could literally talk about Halloween for hours, so that will be its own post…I know you were worried. But what are some things coming up to help you embrace that fall fever?

The IBMA is coming to Raleigh for the Wide Open Bluegrass festival on Sept. 27th & 28th. Not that I am really educated on bluegrass or anything, but I am educated on some festivals. With some food trucks. And some tents. And the whole walking around being amazed by the world thing. This event promises to be an awesome outdoor spectacle for you to embrace my suggested fall outfit and take look-I’m-cool-in-the-fall-watching-a-music-festival pictures. Then Instagram those babies in Earlybird or Walden (Because Hefe is just too summer, people).  For more information click here.

Also, another bringing in fall activity, but not yet pumpkin carving and hay riding, is Down By The Tracks at Seaboard Station. Puppies, food, music, and me! Proceeds go the the SPCA and this should be an adorable event for you and your dog. More information can be found here.

Like how long did she wait, staring at this tree, for this picture.
Like how long did she wait, staring at this tree, for this picture.

Other suggestions include, but are not limited to, tailgating, drinking on a porch, stalking trees around town so you are the first one to post a picture of the leaves changing, tweeting about the weather incessantly, praising the death of mosquitoes, and letting yourself go entirely because everyone could use that extra cupcake to beef up for winter (here’s to looking at you, The Cupcake Shoppe.)

P.S. I have literally written down like 60 local things for Halloween with pumpkin stuff and am shaking with excitement. Let me know if there is anything you think I must experience or would like to hear my long-winded reaction to. Yayayayayay fall.