T­shirts Made Entirely in the Carolinas Presented Honor in Statewide Contest

Pass the Gravy was selected as one of three Honorable Mention winners in this year’s Made in NC Awards in the style category.

Founded in 2015, Pass the Gravy submitted their Carolina­made shirts in the statewide competition sponsored by O ur State Magazine. More than 500 craftsmen from across the state entered their products to be critiqued by a panel of judges, and after careful consideration, the panel selected Pass the Gravy as an Honorable Mention winner.

“What an amazing honor to receive so early in our company’s history,” says John Moss, co­founder of Pass the Gravy. He goes on to say, “We could not be happier with the response that our shirts are receiving, and we hope that our designs and messaging will continue resonate with North Carolinians as we look to expand.”

Pass the Gravy’s t­shirts are made entirely in the Carolinas, with Carolina cotton and by Carolina manufacturers. The shirts have a transparent supply chain so that the consumer can see each manufacturing step and track their shirts all the way back to the Carolina cotton field. Pass the Gravy also donates 10% of their net profits to Smart Start, a statewide organization which focuses on promoting early care and education initiatives in North Carolina.

Pass the Gravy shirts can be found on their website: www.passthegravy.com and in increasing numbers of retail shops statewide.

Made in NC Awards winners in all categories can be found here: http://madeinncawards.com/

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Pass the Gravy
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