Tech Tuesday: Video Marketing Strategies with Raleigh Media Co.

Three, Two, One, Action!

August’s Tech Tuesday speaker was Morgan Goettge, founder of Raleigh Media Co. Raleigh Media Co. is a boutique, full-service video production company based in Raleigh, NC. Their passion is bringing the client’s vision to life in an innovative way that enhances business strategy.

Raleigh Media Co Video Marketing Workshop

In the presentation, Morgan went over these basic foundations of video marketing:

● Why is video marketing important?
● What is video marketing?
● Platform best practices
● Promoting your videos
● Creating great video
● Develop your plan

Some basic principles to follow in relation to how long your video should be for Facebook and Instagram:

● Facebook Video Length Ads: Max 30 seconds
● Facebook Video Length Lives: Max 90 minutes
● Facebook Video Length Uploads: 60-90 seconds

○ Instagram Feed: Up to 1 minute
○ Instagram Story: Up to 15 seconds
○ IGTV: 15 seconds – 10 minutes (up to 1 hour for some accounts)
○ Instagram Live: Up to 60 minutes

Video Sharing Sites to consider:
● Facebook
● Instagram
● Twitter
● Pinterest
● LinkedIn
● YouTube
● TikTok
● Snapchat

To read through the full presentation, click on this link to learn more Raleigh Media Co Video Marketing Workshop!