TEI Offering New Treatment for Dry Eye, Ocular Rosacea

The Eye Institute

TEI Offering New Treatment for Dry Eye, Ocular Rosacea

The Eye Institute (TEI) eye care team now has a new treatment for people who suffer from dry eye, blepharitis, ocular rosacea, and more. Lumenis IPL (Intense Pulse Light).
If you struggle with redness, skin problems, or eye problems, ask if IPL will help you. This safe treatment uses light to target the skin. Ocular Rosacea

How it Works
Patients arrive with a clean face (no makeup, moisturizer) for the treatment. TEI will apply ultrasound gel to your face to make the application process smooth. Then, we gently press the IPL applicator to your skin on a small rectangular area and project a beam of light, similar to laser treatment. IPL’s light releases in many different wavelengths, like a photo flash. This scattered light penetrates to the second layer of the skin without harming the top layer. This process is repeated, working its way across the face. The area of treatment depends on the issue we’re treating. For ocular rosacea and dry eye, TEI will move across your face from one side to the other and over the bridge of your nose.

The IPL can also be used to treat sunspots, telangiectasia (spider veins), and erythema (redness) around the eyes. Treated patients report a more youthful appearance afterward.

Does it hurt?
Some people report feeling a slight pinch, like plucking a hair.

How do you prepare?
There is no preparation needed except to arrive with a clean face, and there is no recovery time. Avoid direct sunlight and sunburns two weeks before as well as waxing, chemical peels, collagen injections, and creams or products that contain vitamin A.
The treatment is now available at TEI’s Seaboard Station location. If you think IPL might help you, ask your TEI doctor for more information.

Mark Your Calendars – Give Back Day is Coming! The Eye Institute’s annual Give Back Day is coming up on September 28 in Knightdale. If you know someone who needs new glasses but cannot afford them, please encourage him or her to learn more.

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