TLC Foods Company


YepLabelImageSmallLutie Cain is the owner and founder of TLC Foods Company. Making one of a kind homemade jams and famous hot sauces. She puts all the love and energy she has into making the jams amazingly delicious. Lutie started making jams in 2016 at a restaurant she was working for at the time. Lutie experimented by first making a smoked tomato jam and after a few experiments made an awesome recipe everyone loved. Lutie enjoys the learning process even when there are failed attempts. To Lutie that only means she’s one step closer to a better creation. Lutie realized the options that could unfold with jams. After she left the restaurant business she continued to use her creativity to make various types of jams. From sweet and savory to fiery hot, TLC Foods Co has it all.
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There are many locations you can find these jams in stores such as Berkeley Cafe, Fallon’s Flowers, Pine State Coffee, and more. TLC Foods also markets their products at local events! One coming up is tomorrow, April 3rd, from 11am to 2pm at Bayleaf Market for some jam tasting with baby button biscuits! You can see more of TLC Foods events on their website and where else you could purchase their awesome jams. You can also follow TLC Foods on Instagram and Facebook to follow them on their jam journey!