Top 9: Best Things to Do in Raleigh, NC This Summer

Red Hat Amphitheater Crowd

Summer isn’t all about sandy beaches and exotic getaways! The folks over at Hardison & Cochran have rounded up a list of some of their local favorites to bring you the Top 9: Best Things to Do in Raleigh, NC This Summer!

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as spending time outdoors during the summer—especially when you’ve got an entire city at your fingertips! Whether you’re new to Raleigh, visiting for the weekend or you’ve lived here your entire life, there are some awesome places you won’t want to miss while the sun is shining. Even if you’re a Raleigh local it can be easy to forget all your city has to offer! Check out these 9 spots to visit this summer.

  1. Pullen Park: This beautiful park has been around since the late 1800s and it’s still a favorite spot for enjoying summer weather. Pullen Park has picnic shelters, boat rentals, ball fields, a train and a carousel. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day basking in the sun!
  2. The Pour House: An all-time favorite venue in Raleigh, The Pour House has always got great bands lined up. After you spend the day strolling around the city, pop in here to grab a drink and catch some awesome live music!
  3. Vita Vite Wine Bar: This downtown wine bar now has a North Hills location and is the perfect way to cap off a day hanging around Raleigh. With sophisticated décor, delish small plates, and an incredible wine selection, you really can’t go wrong with dinner a visit to Vita Vite.
  4. CAM Raleigh: You’ll find the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh in the Warehouse District. The museum offers a variety of exhibitions regularly so it’s likely that you’ll see new pieces often. Pop in to explore while the weather outdoors is too hot to handle!
  5. The Fiction Kitchen: Offering mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan fare, Fiction Kitchen is a favorite amongst many Raleigh locals. It can be tough to find vegan food that even carnivores will love, but this place has it figured out!
  6. Brewery Bhavana: Bhavana is a brewery, bookstore, restaurant and flower shop all blended into one stunning space. Stop in after strolling around historic Moore Square for the perfect cherry on top of your afternoon!
  7. Red Hat Amphitheater: In the heart of Raleigh is Red Hat, where you’ll find some of the biggest named bands that tour the East Coast. Check the lineup before you head into town—it’s likely that at least a couple of your favorites are playing here this summer!
  8. Transfer Co. Food Hall: Raleigh’s new food hall, Transfer Co., is the perfect spot for you and your friends to go after walking around town all day. With a variety of different amazing vendors, you’ll all be able to grub on exactly what you want while you spend time together.
  9. State Farmers Market: The State Farmers Market is open every day, so you can’t miss it! Wander through after you’ve had your morning coffee and grab some of the freshest produce you’ll find anywhere in the city.


A Note on Safety

One of our favorite things about cities is the ability to walk everywhere. It’s important to remember though that not everyone pays close attention to the roads while they drive. It’s impossible to determine or control how another person responds behind the wheel, even when it could lead to a car accident. As a pedestrian it’s crucial to be mindful of your surroundings and remain alert while you’re walking around the city.

Hardison & Cochran's Best Things to Do in Raleigh


Photo Credit: Red Hat Amphitheater