Unleashed, the dog and cat store


cc37d0 7d6752b18808425f967056dd02b319d1mv2 1Unleashed is a fantastic store for your dog and cat needs from natural treats and chews to your everyday essentials. Unleashed mission is to provide the best a dog and cat can get, at affordable prices, so that every dog and cat can be happy and healthy. Unleashed is committed to finding the healthiest and best products and only selling products that they would personally give to their own pets.  They use all natural and the best quality ingredients for their pet food. Most people would think all natural food is expensive, but they are not. They have always used minimal markups and fought for good prices to avoid being a high-end boutique, but rather a supply store for all people and their pets.  You will find better prices on products at Unleashed than at big box stores, or even big online retailers.  And, Unleashed doesn’t just carry high-end, boutique items, but everyday supplies like crates, bowls, and more.

The founders and owners of Unleashed are Amy and JP Phinny. They started this company because they enjoy meeting customers and their pets, while giving them advice on how to take care of their pets from a holistic standpoint. Helping animals get better is what makes Amy and Jp the happiest. Each Unleashed store offers consultation services that would help each animals individual needs.

Amy and JP are truly a power couple building this company from scratch. It all started at the Raleigh flea market in 2007 where they sold some of their Unleashed prodtruck of fooducts. After that, they began selling their products online and were invited to the NC State Fair. Then their business was booming with not only friends and family, but loyal customers who loved their products. Unleashed first store opened up at the Lake Boone Shopping Center. With amazing customer service and always keeping their mission in mind they have succeeded to opening an additional 8 stores in North Carolina.

benny eggsTomorrow on April 11th, Unleashed is hosting a fundraising event for cats and dogs in need. There will be a huge doggie easter egg hunt, raffles, vendors, and adoptable animals! Don’t miss out on this super fun, family friendly event! Click here for more information.

If you want to check out their chews and treats, consultations and more you can check out their website.

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