Wearing Navy For Fall

This Fall Navy Makes A Run To Replace Basic Black

I have always been a big proponent of the color navy. Black is simple and offers the redeeming value of safe dressing.  I’m guessing there is no need to remind you that black fabric hides most flaws including our body’s natural lumps and bumps, dirt, stains, and the minor wear and tear of our go-to garment. As we age, wearing black begins to take on a new character when worn top to bottom. Although there are some vital pros to this classic color, our facial coloring tends to exhibit a new tinge depending on if you are sun worshipper or a sun protector. But don’t worry because navy is often regarded as any easy solution to a softer facial appearance. This season navy will be offered in all it’s tonal variations from a medium to barely black. Don’t be too concerned in trying to match your navies, as this will be a challenge that you will surely lose.  Navy can be paired beautifully with classic black accessories like belts and shoes when accenting a core piece like a jacket. For further tips on incorporating navy into your wardrobe check out my blog http://wardrobeconsulting.blogspot.com/

I promise if you take on the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone and choose to embrace navy, you will notice a subtle but yet distinct softness to your updated coloring. I have truly become a believer in this color and have made it a  personal mission to remain forever loyal.

Suzanne’s September Happening…..

Wardrobe Consulting is on the road to Charlotte on Saturday September 28th from 11-4pm for a “ Find Your Style” event at Marmi shoes at Southpoint Mall. Participants receive a pre-consultation questionnaire, a 20 minutes individualized style consultation, a personalized list of your 5 most important wardrobe needs, and a signed copy of her book Portraits of Lifestyle Dressing:Your Style, Your Closet. For your 20 minute personalized style consultation questionnaire Suzanne will use her Lifestyle Fashion Guidelines to make sure you look and feel like your most fabulous self!

Consultations will be held at Marmi Shoe located between Center and Fountain Courts. Registration is required. Special event pricing is $35 per consultation and participant will also have the opportunity to purchase additional shopping or consulting hours to further their personalized experience.

Call or email Suzanne if you any more questions!
(919) 2700250 Suzanne@wardrobeconsulting.biz