The Unknown Launches 1.5ish Anniversary Bottles!

With their Anniversary only a few months long gone, The Unknown Brewing Company announced today the release of their stubborn 1.5ish Anniversary Belgian Style Red Rye Ale.  This  beer is a beautiful 9.0% by vol, which includes a powerful sour punch to the face. This beer is a Belgian Style Red Rye that has been aged and soured in French Oak Cabernet Barrels with strawberries and vanilla bean.

Owner/Head Brewer Brad Shell says, “We wanted to make a beer that really stood out to be known as our special edition Anniversary brew, but of course like anything amazing it took it’s time and the beer decided it didn’t want to finish until it was ready. Hey, you never want to rush a good thing”, which the bottle makes sure you know how long we waited for.

1 pint, 6fl oz of their glass bottle is hitting shelves in North and South Carolina now.

1.5 Anniversary Beer for Unknown Brewing

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D9 Brewing Company News

D9 Brewing Company is proud to announce the first ever bottling of one of their Fanatical AlesTM, Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour.  To D9 Tokencelebrate this milestone, their first batch is going to be a taproom only Special Edition bottle release.  On June 20th, starting at noon, they will be releasing 120 cases of 500ml, bottle conditioned Viking Fraoch Scottish Sours.  Each bottle will be capped with the same crowns that were used as tokens during their production brewery Grand Opening.

This will be the only batch that will feature these gold crowns to differentiate them as their first bottles ever produced.  Additionally to mark the significance of these bottles in their history, each bottle will be numbered and signed by a member of the D9 Brewing team for collectors and enthusiasts alike.  There will be a limit of 4 bottles per person and each bottle will be priced at $11.99 each.


​Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour is the first Fanatical Ale in their Ancient Sour Series. Viking Fraoch (Fraoch is Scandinavian for Heather, a flower native to that area) is a 4,000 year old Viking Heather Flower Ale combined with an 18th Century Scottish Ale that is spontaneously soured with a rich brown hue, balanced tartness and hint of heather flowers. Flavors of caramel, bold tartness and ripe stone fruit give way to lingering flowers and clean, crisp mouthfeel.

Viking Fraoch

ABV: 5.0%

SRM: 14

IBU: 0

GRAINS: 2-Row, Crystal 60, Honey Malt, Aromatic Malt, Torrefied Barley, Wheat Malt

HOPS: None