Alcohol Sales
Visitors to North Carolina’s growing number of craft distilleries will be able to take home a souvenir of spirits rather than have to drive to the nearest ABC store, under a bill Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law Friday. Distilleries will be able to sell one bottle of alcohol to a customer once a year. They will have to keep electronic records of sales with customers’ names, dates of birth and driver’s license numbers to ensure the limit isn’t exceeded. The change puts distilleries on the same footing as wineries and breweries. “We heard from business owner after business owner across the state about ABC provisions that were impeding company progress,” House Majority Leader Mike Hager, a Republican from Rutherford County, said in a statement.

House Bill 909 also:

  • Bans the sale of powdered alcohol.
  • Creates permits for selling antique liquor that is at least 20 years old.
  • Allows the sale of alcoholic cider and unfortified wine in growler containers for off-site consumption.

The governor announced signing 15 other bills into law:

  • B. 795 — Increases the size and cost thresholds for when state environmental reviews must be done on state projects, meaning fewer reviews will be required.
  • B. 25 — Restricts when counties and cities can impose zoning ordinances related to design and aesthetic control.
  • B. 163 — Technical changes to the North Carolina Captive Insurance Act as recommended by the Department of Insurance.
  • B. 190 — Modifies the State Health Plan as recommended by the State Treasurer.
  • B. 262 — Updates the Surplus Lines Act.
  • B. 366 — Amends reporting and meeting requirements for the Permanency Innovation Initiative Oversight committee.
  • B. 560 — Makes it a felony to assault hospital personnel and licensed health care providers carrying out their duties in a hospital.
  • B. 154 — Clarifications to the Good Samaritan Law.
  • B. 487 — Updates obsolete provisions of the N.C. Health Choice program as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • B. 16 — Repeals outdated insurance reporting requirements, as recommended by the Department of Insurance.
  • B. 511 — Makes statutory changes related to credit unions.
  • B. 60 — Allows nonexpiring, permanent civil no-contact orders to be issued against sex offenders on behalf of victims. Allows extending orders in street gang nuisance abatement cases.
  • B. 83 — Amends the law on filing or recording of false liens or encumbrances.
  • B. 99 — Defines firefighter for purposes of the Local Firefighters’ Relief Fund, the Statewide Firefighters’ Relief Fund, the State Fire Protection Grant Fund, Volunteer Safety Workers Assistance, and the Rescue Squad Workers’ Relief Fund.
  • B. 161 — Authorizes Supreme Court sessions to be held in Morganton not more than twice a year.
Author: pixallus2