Boutique Blowout 2015 – Presence Jewelry Designs

Presence Jewelry

Over the years, Presence Jewelry has grown from an occasional side hobby to a full-fledged business of passion. As a born artist and always thinking of new creative projects, Lisa Presence 5McMillan had an idea of making candlesticks with beads, wires, and ribbons as gifts. Soon, she realized that people actually wanted to buy them from her so, unexpectedly, Lisa had started a business! After a few years, she was able to really hone in on her artistic talents to specialize in jewelry. Lisa sees Presence Jewelry as a way to connect and give back to the local community and beyond. Her unique designs are made for all women, young and old, to help them feel good about themselves and know that they are special. As Presence continues to grow, Lisa hopes to partner with missionary teams in 3rd world countries to provide living wage jobs for the women who live there. Lisa hopes to introduce you to her unique Swirly Scarf Slides that will have a special price exclusive to Boutique Blowout as well as her many other original designs!


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